How To Study The Bible
How To Study The Bible Tip Number 7

Some Facts To Know Before You Read

During the time, when you are learning how to study the Bible, there are some basics, that are of help to be learned ahead of time, instead of waiting for the time, when you learn them in your reading.

The first, of these tidbits, that will take away a lot of mixup from you, and prevent error, is the tie betwixt the animal sacrifices of the Old Testament, and the sacrifice of the Lamb of the father in the New Testament.

The Earlier Sacrifices Were A “Type And Shadow” Of That, Which Was To Come Later

The holy writ puts forth that the early sacrifices were a “type and shadow” of the events and conditions that were to arrive later — the sacrifice of Jesus, to atone for the errors of the spawn of a man named Israel.

The Book of Hebrews headings 9 and 10 and attend to “the law” of the Old Testament, and heading ten verse number 1 makes it clear that the sacrificial laws are the topic of the section.

The gist of this section is revealed in chapter ten verse nine “he takes away the first (animal sacrifice) that he may sacrifice the second (sacrifice of Christ, the Lamb of Elohim).

Knowing Who Is Elohim’s Bride Helps You In Learning How To Study The Bible

Elohim’s bride was the state of the children of Israel. At one point in time, the descendants of Israel were sundered into two kingdoms. In the sacred writ, prior to that sundering, all the House of Jacob had been “Israel” named.

Terminology of the Two Kingdoms

Following the sundering into 2 nations, the northern kingdom was named “Ephraim and Manasseh” or “Ephraim” or “Israel”. After then, the southern tribes were referred to as “Judah”.

The Father Gave A Notification Of Divorce To The Northern Kingdom

Elohim gave a notification of divorce to Israel North. See now how carefuly the father keeps to his own injunctions. Jahweh promised that again, he intended to make again to be one the totality of the descendants of Israel, and they would once again be God’s bride.

Law Says God Can’t Wed Again the House of Israel

Yet it is illegal for a husband to wed again a woman, after their divorce and she has separated from her next man.

Consequently, to legally stay with his word, God must expire and be reborn.

How Could Our Father Marry Israel Again?

The Holy Bible says that Christ Jesus and God are identical, therefore Jesus’s death legalized it for The Supreme to wed again to the nation of a man named Israel.

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